Jucheng · Yujing Bay (Hubei)
Jucheng · Yujing Bay is a typical sample project of Lincoln elevator in Hubei. Located within Dawu economic development zone in Hubei, it covers an area of 86mu and has an overall floorage of 180,000 square meters. Located within Dawu economic development zone in the southeast of Dawu County, the project is in the hub location of the triangle zone of the new town, the old town and the Gaotie new area. The project is close to the development Road with the five star Yatai International Hotel in the south, Chengbei Middle School which is under planning in the north, and landscape park area in the both sides of the river which is under construction, the visit card of Dawu, in the east. It only costs 5 minutes to Dawu People’s Hospital, and the community also has supporting shopping mall. Living in Yujing Bay, you will have a carefree life.